Confidential Nomination Form

Please use the following encrypted form to complete your application for the 2021 ACG Austin/San Antonio Growth Awards by Friday, July 30th.

Eligible companies must have a headquarters office or principal place of operations located in Central Texas. Please complete the Company Information Section immediately below. Also complete the Required Information, as set forth below. ACG Austin/San Antonio respects the confidential nature of a Company’s internal financial and business information data. In order to have a fair and objective process to the 2021 ACG Growth Awards, it is important that each nominee provide the Required Information set forth below. Should a nominee be willing to share any Optional Information, the ACG Growth Awards judging committee will consider any Optional Information provided, in the spirit of a healthy and robust judging process.

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This information will be treated as Confidential by ACG Austin/San Antonio and will be used only for judging purposes. This information will not be further published or distributed in any way and no archive copy will be retained after judging is completed. Everyone present at the judging signs an NDA. Please enter revenue and EBITDA amounts in $ million accurate to one decimal place (Example $ 10.5 million). Be sure that your 2020 revenue is above the minimum participation requirement of $5 million in 2020.